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10 Things Dogs Hate

Dogs are fairly easy to please. They love food, walks and attention from their favourite people. They lead a pretty simple life doing what their owners tell them to, or sometimes not. However, there are some things that dogs simply cannot stand. Some dogs are more tolerant and laid back and might not be bothered by some of the suggestions below. However, in general you will probably find that most dogs hate the following things.

1. Being left on their own

Lots of dogs hate being left on their own. Their worst nightmare is being left alone at home all day. For some dogs even a few moments without their beloved owner can cause them a great deal of stress. Dogs have learned to become our companions and be by our side.
Unfortunately dogs are being left on their own more often and for far longer than they should because of our busy lifestyles. Some dogs aren’t bothered being left alone whereas others think it is the worst thing in the world.

2. Scary fireworks

It’s really difficult for dog owners when the 5th of November comes around. They have to find a way to keep their dogs calm and as comfortable as possible. Although fireworks are mainly used for special dates such as New Year’s Eve and Bonfire Night, we still enjoy firework displays all year round. This is bad news for dogs because a lot of them really hate the sound of fireworks. Dogs have amazing hearing and are sensitive to loud noises such as fireworks.

3. Being bored

Most dogs absolutely hate being bored. Dogs need a certain amount of mental stimulation on a daily basis and if they don’t get it they start to cause trouble. If you were really bored at home wouldn’t you go and eat all the food in your kitchen or make a big mess in your lounge?
Dogs get extremely frustrated when they are bored and will find other ways of entertaining themselves, such as tearing up your sofa.

4. When owners are tense and stressed

Dogs have learned a lot about humans during their time as man’s best friend. They have taught themselves to recognise our facial expressions and notice how we are feeling. People say that their dogs can read their mood and seem to understand when they feel down.
Dogs really don’t like it when their owners are stressed and unhappy. They really feel their owners tension and don’t appear to enjoy times when their owner is up tight. They cope with this by acting the same way, trying to comfort their owners or removing themselves from the situation entirely.

5. Going on a walk and not being able to sniff things

Dogs just don’t get why we take them outside where everything is fascinating and there are lots of different smells, yet we stop them from sniffing where they want to. It’s difficult to walk your dog when they are sniffing every single spot of pavement, so sometimes we have to make them heal and walk alongside us. This prevents them from the enjoyment of sniffing everything momentarily, until they are let off the lead in the park.

6. Being ignored

Dogs don’t particularly enjoy being ignored, in fact some dogs really hate it. Some dogs require a great deal more attention than others. Lots of dogs hate being ignored so much that they will spend all day trying to get your attention. If they have to drop that tennis ball in front of your feet 50 times to get you to throw it they will. Most dogs love a bit of attention and will get the hump if they are constantly ignored.

7. Having their bone taken away

If you own a dog you probably know the rule that you don’t take a bone of your dog unless it is absolutely necessary. For example, if they are choking on it and you need to remove it. Once you give a dog their bone leave them alone to enjoy their prize. If you really need to take it off them then distract them with a treat that they love rather than directly trying to take it off them. Always take caution when you are around a dog with a bone.

8. Having their nails trimmed

Some dogs will tolerate having their nails trimmed, but most dogs really don’t like it. They don’t have to spend their whole life hating having their nails done. If you gradually get them used to it and make having their nails trimmed a nice experience they should come around to it eventually. Don’t attempt to do it yourself if you are not confident because you could make your dog even more scared. Take them to the vet or a groomer who knows how to do it properly.

9. The vacuum cleaner

It’s no secret that dogs really hate the vacuum cleaner. This big, loud, scary machine seems to be their worst enemy. Most dogs will simply try to run away and hide whereas others will actually try and attack the vacuum cleaner.

10. Cellotape

Have you ever used cellotape around your dog? If it goes anywhere near them they run a mile. They just seem to hate the texture of it and the sound it makes. Dogs will avoid cellotape at all costs and will be really unimpressed if you try to put it on them. Maybe put your dog in another room when you are wrapping Christmas and birthday presents.


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