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10 signs you are a cat lover

You cannot hide the fact that you are a no matter how hard you try. There are some things that every cat lover can relate to and common behaviours that all cat owners seem to display. You probably know you give off some very clear signals that you are mad about cats. So what are the major signs?

  1. Seemingly not caring when a sudden draft makes you disappear in a flurry of hair. Even those who suggest that their cat does not moult appear to be able to carry this trick off. A further sign is that you buy Sellotape in bulk and have it delivered as the amount you need each month is too heavy to carry
  1. Despite having a partner, children and an extended family, the screensaver on your computer is your cat doing something rather strange, such as pulling a face or looking a bit grumpy. Your day doesn't start properly until your computer powers up and you give that little smile as it appears. All your passwords are cat-related.
  1. You sit in the other chair even if you cannot see the television from it. You might have a favourite chair, or you might have a problem with your back which requires you to sit in a special seat with an adjustable backrest. However, if your cat is curled up on it then you make do with the other one without resentment or argument.
  1. If you are single it is normally because your cat didn't like any of those that came via the datingagency. The various offerings might have been rich, startlingly good-looking and otherwise your soulmate, but if your cat hisses at them or, worse still, they pushed the cat off the sofa so they could sit next to you, they are shown the door.
  1. You stifle a sigh when, watching a programme on television, you see the impala managing to evade the cheetah. You don't like all the gore and such, but, after all is said and done, those cubs can't feed themselves.
  1. You feel confused when your partner comments on the fact that there are dozens of pictures of your cat in the house and only one of them, and in that part of their face is obscured by your cat. Some people, eh? You never hear the cat complaining.
  1. And doesn't everyone have to remove the cat from the dining table before your guests sit around it? How were you to know that your partner's boss was so picky? Also, what was so wrong about discussing spaying over pudding?
  1. When you fall down the stairs after tripping over your pet's squeaky toy, you blame yourself, despite the cat jumping over you as you massaged your sprained ankle.
  1. Who but a cat lover would treat EastEnders with disdain, yet spend hours on YouTube laughing at videos of cats that look like dictators?
  1. Finally, you are without hope if you feel a blossoming of warmth when, putting the kettle on first thing in the morning, you find a little dead garden animal on the kitchen floor, brought in by your cat. As you pick it up with a tissue and at arms length drop it in the waste bin, you say to yourself that it is the thought that counts.


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