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10 Naughty Things That Dogs Do

Dogs do so many naughty things. All dog owners understand some of the most devious things that dogs like to do. Some of them are done intentionally and others just because they seem fun. When you return home and your dog displays their ‘guilty’ face you know they have probably done something wrong. Dogs can get up to all sorts of mischief yet we still manage to love them at the end of the day.


It’s difficult to resist those puppy dog eyes, even when they have done something really bad. Perhaps there is something that your dog does that really frustrates you. Feel free to share your funny stories below. Here are some very naughty things that dogs often do at least once in their lifetime.


1. Get into the bins

Come home from work and it looks like the rubbish men have tipped the entire streets rubbish into your kitchen? Yep, your dog has probably got into the bins and had a huge feast. In the process they have spread rubbish all over your kitchen.


One of the worst things about your dog getting into the rubbish is worrying about what they might have eaten. If you are really unlucky they will get a funny tummy from eating things they really shouldn’t have. If this happens it’s probably best to invest in a doggy proof bin.


2. Destroy the sofa

Just bought a brand new sofa? It’s just too tempting for some dogs to resist. Especially puppies who just love to chew anything in sight. Many dog owners can understand the frustration of coming home to a sofa that is completely destroyed.


3. Poop on the carpet

OK so even the best toilet trained dogs can occasionally have an accident. If you own a dog they will probably poop on the carpet at some point in their lives. Whether it’s when they are a pup and haven’t quite mastered the whole going to the loo outside thing or when they are older and just can’t hold it in.


4. Escape

Some dogs are cunning escape artists. No matter what you do they will figure out a way to escape. Then you have to go searching around the neighbourhood or they eventually come home after a nice little adventure. If your pooch loves to run away then make sure you have high enough fences and a completely enclosed garden to stop them from getting out.


5. Completely ignore owner

So you spend years teaching your dog how to behave properly and teach them all the important commands. Yet some days they simply just ignore you. You know they know exactly what you want them to do but they choose denial.


6. Make a scene in public

Has your dog ever made a scene in public? Jumped into a swimming pool, barked really loudly around lots of people or pooped in a really awkward place? It can be very stressful if you take your dog out and they decide to embarrass you in public.


7. Chase after things (birds,rabbits, bikes, people, squirrels, deer)

The chase instinct is probably one of the hardest things to train dogs to ignore. Some dogs in particular such as sighthounds have an extremely strong chase instinct that you may never be able to prevent. It’s in their DNA to chase things. However, it is really frustrating when you are out and about and your dog suddenly decides to chase something interesting and you spend ages running after them.


8. Bark all day long

Have you ever had a day where your dog just won’t be quiet? Something has set them off and they spend the entire day barking at the smallest things. This can be very frustrating and also not very pleasant for your neighbours!


9. Pee round friends houses

You decide it is now safe, you have spent long enough toilet training that your dog should be safe to visit a friends house. They haven’t peed in your house for months or even years, yet as soon as you set foot in someone elses house they just can’t help peeing all over the carpet.


10. Recall failure

You take your dog on a walk and get to the end of your walking route and your dog decides it’s not time to go yet. They know that you are near the end of the walk so they take themselves off on another sniffing adventure. They don’t run away completely, they stay near you but completely ignore your recall commands until they are ready to go.
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