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10 Funny Things Dogs Do

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If you have owned a dog then you will be familiar with some of the funny and sometimes strange things that dogs do. Man’s best friend can be very entertaining at times but also make us wonder what’s going on in their head. It’s very difficult to understand why dogs do some things that don’t seem to make any sense. One thing is certain, they provide us with hours entertainment and never cease to amaze us. Here are 10 funny things that dogs do:

1. Drinking out of the toilet

Yuk! Have you ever caught your dog drinking out of the toilet? It’s even more confusing when they have a bowl of nice fresh water to drink from, but for some unknown reason they choose the toilet. Be careful if you see your dog doing this, toilets can have dangerous cleaning chemicals as well as plenty of germs so try and prevent them from doing it.

2. Barking at their reflection

Sometimes dogs catch their reflection in the mirror or in a window and will bark like mad, not realising it’s them. This is a hilarious spectacle to watch, there are plenty of YouTube videos that feature dogs getting very frustrated barking at their own reflection.

3. Dreaming

Often when dogs drift off into a deep sleep they start to twitch. Humans do it too, but it’s particularly funny watching a dog in the middle of a dream. They can look very sweet snoozing away and twitching their nose, mouth and legs. Sometimes dogs even appear to be running whilst sleeping when they are chasing something in their dream.

4. Moving their leg when you scratch them

Why do dogs move their leg and try and scratch themselves when you scratch them and get that really good spot? It’s quite funny to watch but difficult to understand. This is a reflex they have developed over years and years. Their nerved endings react and they are programmed to move their leg up to scratch the itch.

5. Sleeping in weird positions

We humans like to get into nice, comfortable positions when we sleep. Dogs appear to do the opposite sometimes. They seem to somehow find the most awkward positions to fall asleep in with their body all curled up, their legs up in the air and their heads in seemingly uncomfortable positions. For some reason it works for them and they are happy to doze off.

6. Putting their face out the car window

Everybody has seen a dog happily sitting in a car with it’s head out the window with their ears and tongue flapping away. Dogs just love putting their heads out of car windows and feeling the fresh air on their face.

7. Eat grass

Ever gone outside to find your dog eating grass? There are a number of reasons why they would choose to eat grass. Sometimes dogs know they have eaten something bad and want to get rid of it, so they eat grass which helps them to be sick. Other times does somehow know that they need a certain nutrient so they eat grass because they know it will help them.

8. Try and get on the sofa when there is no room

Why oh why do dogs think that they can squeeze onto a sofa that is already full? There might be one inch of space and by some miracle they manage to sneak up onto the and crawl into it. Some dogs will do whatever it takes to get up on the sofa for some cuddles.

9. Eating disgusting things

Dogs can eat some really disgusting things. They will eat all different kinds of animal faeces and even their own vomit. Yup, dogs can be really disgusting!

10. Seemingly barking at nothing

Have you ever been sitting in your living room and suddenly your dog barks at nothing? You can’t see or hear anything that might be setting them off yet they just sit there barking. Although sometimes this can be very creepy normally there is an explanation. Dogs have far better hearing than we do so your dog has probably just heard something in the distance that your ears can’t pick up on.


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