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10 Funny Dog Tweets You Need To Read

Dogs on Twitter

Dogs aren't known as man's best friend for nothing. Over the centuries our oldest domesticated pets have hunted for us, herded for us, guarded us from danger, rescued us when we're in peril and generally just been there for us when we've needed a furry shoulder to cry on.

In return, we've celebrated them in stories, paintings, poems and films. But perhaps the greatest gift our canine chums provide – and it’s maybe why we love them so much - is that of making us laugh. Dogs are simply hilarious, and their lovably frisky antics never fail to raise a smile. And for that, we've begun to immortalise them in a whole new way – on Twitter.

So warm-up those cheek muscles, here are 10 of the funniest doggy tweets ever posted.

"You bought the wrong dog food, he hates this kind!" said my wife of our dog who once literally ate another dog's puke.


Hi, I spend 3 minutes every day choosing a TV channel to leave on for my dog, then I go to work and people take me seriously as an adult.


is it true that you've been a very good boy


NURSE: How should we treat the patient?

DR DOG: *mouth watering* Did you just say treat?



Squirrel Hell and Dog Heaven are the same place


"Can I pet your dog?"
*petting* "This isn't working out"
I'm sorry?
"Let's talk custody"
He's my dog
"That's for a judge to decide"


Footage of me alone with dogs could really bolster the insanity plea at my murder trial.



I've got a magic dog.
He's a Labracadabrador.


DOG VIOLINIST: if the conductor doesnt throw that stick im gonna lose my mind.


Sorry I'm late I saw a puppy and stopped to pet it for 11 hours


A few more hilarious Tweets...



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