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10 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Got a day off and looking for something to do with your best friend? There are so many things you can do with your dog. Why not try something new and experience something different together. Or you could spend some time working on their training. Doing things together helps to improve your bond and getting out and about is good for both dogs and their owners. Instead of just taking your dog out for a walk down your local park, do something interesting with your dog. Here are 10 fun things to do with your dog.



  • Play games with them


One of the most entertaining things you can do with your is play games with them. There are plenty of games to choose from, just try and pick games that will involve you and your dog. Start of with games such as tug of war, hide and seek, fetch and frisbee.



  • Make an obstacle course in your garden


Can’t afford to go to agility classes? Try making your own obstacle course in your garden, or if you have lots of space you can even do it in your house. You don’t need to go out and buy lots of equipment, just use things you have around the home.



  • Take them to a dog show


You don’t actually have to have your dog competing to attend a dog show. Take your dog on an exciting day out at a dog show where they will get to meet lots of other dogs. If you don’t fancy a dog show you can always go to your local fayre or family fun day out. It’s good for your dog to see new places and socialise with lots of different people and dogs.



  • Meet up with other dogs in the park


Find some play buddies for your dog and you can arrange regular meet ups in your local park. This gives you a chance to socialise and meet up with friends and your go gets to have great fun playing with their doggy friends in the park.



  • Take them on holiday


Don’t forget you can always take your dog with you on holiday (providing you stay somewhere that is dog friendly). Why leave your dog at home when you can go on an adventure together. You can take your dog out on walks and enjoy some quality time with your family and your best friend.



  • Teach them tricks


If your dog is getting bored with standard obedience training you can always step it up a notch. Give them a bit more of a challenge and try and teach them some impressive tricks. Then you can show off when your friends come round.



  • Search and rescue


If you have a lot of time to spare then search and rescue could be ideal. You volunteer your time and work with your dog to learn search and rescue techniques. This is quite a big commitment but it is very rewarding, you never know you might end up saving lives.



  • Scent games


Scent games are a fun and very entertaining activity. You can play them at home, in your garden or whilst out on a dog walk. If your dog is new to scent games that start off playing at home. Put your dog in another room while you hide some treats. Then bring them back in and watch as they sniff around trying to find them.



  • Take them to the beach


Taking your dog to the beach is so much fun. They will have a fantastic time playing in the sand, running along the beach and maybe even going for a swim. All you need to do is find a dog friendly beach and then plan a day at the seaside with your dog.



  • Surfing


Yes, believe it or not some dogs can actually surf. Head down to the sea with your surfboard and your dog might even jump on too. Don’t force them to do it if they don’t enjoy being in water. There are also other water sports you can do with your dog such as canoeing and paddleboarding.



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