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10 Signs You Love Your Dog Too Much

We all love our dogs, but at what point does it go too far? There may be moments where you realise your love for your dog has got to a whole new level. Dog owners become extremely attached to their beloved pooches and sometimes forget where the boundaries are.


What you do with your pet, how they are allowed to behave an the things you let them do is completely up to you. People can become completely obsessed with their dogs because they give them unconditional love and are amazing companions. Some of the habits we get into aren’t exactly great for training purposes, but it’s difficult to resist doing them.  Here are 10 signs you love your dog just a little too much… 


  • They push you out of your bed

Yes it’s pretty normal for dogs to sleep in their owners beds but what happens when they actually take over the bed? Have you let your dog push you to the other side of the bed so you have no space, but you are OK with it as you know they are comfy? 


  • You share your food

You can’t eat your dinner without sharing at least some of it with your dog. You have already fed them their dinner before you cooked yours, but still…they deserve a treat. It’s not fair that they sit there watching you and don’t get anything. It’s got to the point where you feel guilty eating in front of your dog.


  • You spend more time with them than your partner

Your partner has begun to complain you give your dog more attention than them. You know it’s true but you just don’t care because nothing beats the feeling of cuddling your dog. 


  • You talk to them

You have ten different cute nicknames for them that have absolutely nothing to do with their real name. You talk to them when no one is around and even feel like you have conversations with them. You make strange noises and faces in order to try and communicate with your best friend.


  • You think your dog is a real person

It has gotten to the point where you feel like your dog is a real person. You forget that they are a dog and should behave like a dog instead of a human.


  • You talk about them too much

Any chance you get to throw your dog into the conversation you take advantage. Your friends, family and partner are all so bored of your constantly going on about your dog and the funny things they do on a daily basis.


  • You take wayyy too many pictures of them

You have over 100 pictures of your dog on your phone include numerous selfies you took with them. You can’t bring yourself to delete any of them in case you need to share them on social media some day. Your Facebook page is mainly made up of pictures of your dog from different angles looking impossibly cute.


  • You let them take your spot on the sofa

Lots of dogs are allowed on the sofa because their owners can’t resist a cuddle. However, when your dog takes your favourite spot on the sofa and you don’t object perhaps things have gone too far.


  • You dog is extremely pampered

Your dog is one of the most spoilt dogs in their neighborhood. They have all the latest luxury toys and home comforts. You have even considered buying them a proper human memory foam bed, a luxury dog house and paying for doggy spa treatments.


  • You get separation anxiety

Dogs often get separation anxiety but what about humans? You have started getting anxious about leaving your dog and sometimes don’t go out because you would rather stay home with them


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