Royal Canin dog food & cat food

Royal Canin are probably one of the best known names in terms of scientifically-targeted, rigorously investigated pet foods, which put the animal right at the centre of the focus.

They refuse to act like your pup is a human – that’s right, everything they do is for your pup’s proven nutritional needs, with years of scientific research behind their products (they certainly wouldn’t recommend feeding your dog on table scraps).

Their products aren’t “one size fits all” either; all pups have different needs and Royal Canin can help you find a product which is perfectly suited to the tummy of your pooch. They have special diets that provide specific nutritional solutions to the explicit requirements of your dog.

They conduct research at their own centre, as well as working in partnership with various authorities such as leading veterinary schools and universities; to constantly improve and widen their knowledge base and therefore the quality of products they produce to fit your pup’s every dietary need.

About Royal Canin

Royal Canin were the first to introduce specific diets in 1980, initially catering to the needs of large breed puppies. They branched out, and in 1997 were the first brand to target nutritional products for the needs of small dogs too, as well as medium and large breeds of dog.

After all, one food doesn’t fit all; Royal Canin take into account your pooch’s breed, age, activity level, size and lifestyle. The brand avoid any sense of man’s best friend being like you nutritionally; he has very different dietary needs of his own. Royal Canin work in a world of dog and cat professionals, and also enjoy the privilege of working and observing daily in their own kennel and cattery! They really know the dietary needs of your pooch.

Royal Canin range and products

The requirements of your pooch depend on a lot of variances in their life, and Royal Canin has spent decades researching and refining their knowledge about these. The brand classes the criteria as: size, age, lifestyle, breed and physiological stage (by which they mean, your pup will have different needs depending on whether they’re carrying pups of their own or feeding them, and whether they’re sterilised or not).

We stock their fabulous products right from the products for the smallest pup’s needs, from the mini-pup’s 2-10 month old stage, through a Chihuahua loaf to food specific to a Boxer to adult Rottweiler food.

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