If you are looking for a unique food brand you can rely on for your dog, then ProPlan is the one for you! As you will have no doubt seen in your local vets, ProPlan prides itself on sourcing only the healthiest and cleanest ingredients in their pet food, with a key focus on ensuring that your dog gets the most out of its life.

By focusing on establishing a robust immune system and providing a healthy coat, your dog will not only feel their healthiest on the inside but look the part on the outside too. With ProPlan, you can be confident that you are choosing superior, premium products for your pet as all of their formulas contain the best quality sources of protein, along with the addition of Omega 3 & 6 and essential fatty acids.

With such good quality products, it’s easy to see why ProPlan have managed to build such an established and trusted reputation when it comes to the overall wellbeing of your canine pal.

About ProPlan

ProPlan is part of the pioneering Purina brand; consistently producing good quality pet food for over 85 years.

What makes the Purina team unique are the brains behind the brand. They play host to a whole team of nutritionists, vets, animal behaviourists and food scientists. This provides the brand itself with a unique scientific heritage, setting it apart in the pet food world.

The ProPlan range was created with a focus on availability for all and this is reflected in the variety of products available. If ingredient quality and safety is of the highest priority for you as an owner, then fear not, as this is exactly what ProPlan prides itself on and to them, this is non-negotiable.

Their love of all things canine really shines through in the products produced, as one of their key values is that nutrition is the foundation for optimal health and wellbeing. With such a pro-pooch approach, you can also be rest assured that they won’t stop trying to improve upon their products and knowledge. They believe that standards are a guideline and then look to surpass them.

They also believe that you the owner, play the key role in your doggies wellbeing and that you know them better than anyone. Perhaps this is why they dedicate so much of their time to providing you with the knowledge necessary to get your dog the best for all of their health needs.

The ProPlan range and products

ProPlan cater for your canine throughout all walks of their life. There are ranges dedicated to puppies, adults and those of the wiser and more senior age.

For puppies, there is the ProPlan Puppy line. This contains the ‘Optistart’ blend of ingredients. Perfect for giving your pup the best nutritional start in life. ‘Optistart’ contains the ingredient Colostrum, a research proven substitute in the assistance of providing nutritional goodness, that they would ordinarily obtain from their mother’s milk.

The adult range caters for the nutritional needs of a whole host of dogs and uses prime cuts of meat as the main ingredient. This means quality is never compromised.

What else is great about ProPlan is the fact that senior dogs nutritional needs are catered for in their own right. The range has been developed over the course of many years and contains a specific blend of nutrients called ‘Acti-Mobility’. This works to help with joint health, maintain strong muscles and halt fat gain in its tracks. Seniority has never felt so good!

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Purchase ProPlan online today with Time for Paws and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £25. This way of ordering dog food is much more preferable for most, as it takes time (and muscles) to visit your local pet store or vet to stock up. Time for Paws offer ProPlan products at the lowest prices.

Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets

Purina is a common household name and consistently recommended by your vet and that’s down to a simple philosophy, in that good nutrition can make a huge difference to your pet's health. Your dog can experience specific health related problems, just like you, and Purina not only understand this but want to ensure that your pooch is just as well looked after as you, their human counterpart.

Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets provide a whole host of different products and each contains a mixture of both wet and dry foods, as they understand that your canine comrade can be a little fussy when it comes to their meals. When this is so clear to see to many owners, why not cater for whatever mealtime preference they may have and keep them as happy as possible!

About Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets

Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets is a range of specialised veterinary pet food, containing a formula that has been developed with the most up to date knowledge in clinical research. As you can guess by the very apt name, the range itself is backed by years of scientific veterinary research.

This means you can count on Purina to provide a perfect balance of essential nutrients, whilst also meeting specific dietary needs. Whether that be a diet necessary to control diabetes or one to help your pooch shift some excess pounds, they have got you and Fido covered.

No two human beings are exactly the same in terms of nutritional need and so we adjust our diets accordingly. Purina doesn’t feel as though your best friend should be treated any differently and this is clearly shown throughout their brand's ethos.

What Purina understand and dog owners love is the simplicity in regards to the aesthetics of the Veterinary Diets range. With colour-coded packaging, it is so easy to quickly distinguish between each different type of diet within the range. This also helps you, as their owner and decision maker, to easily determine the right formula for whatever health issue they may be experiencing.

The Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets range and products

Behind every happy dog is a satisfied owner; content in their minds that they are doing all they can to help their pal, whatever medical condition they may have. Purina not only understands this, but their specially crafted products ensure that this will always be the case. Each product within the Veterinary Diets range is aimed towards aiding in the management of whatever health issue your doggy may be experiencing, so you can feel assured that you are doing all you can from a nutritional aspect, to help them.

From CN Convalescence (to assist with eating difficulties or pups with high energy levels), to UR Urinary (when urine stones form in your companion's bladder, leading to lots of pain and difficulty when it comes to passing urine), each product is specially formulated in terms of many aspects, such as its nutritional content, pH levels or calorie content.

Within each particular product type, there are specific pack sizes available. Some contain both wet and dry formulas whilst others focus solely on dry food. Each condition is catered for in the best possible way and there are different pack sizes available for each type; either 3kg or 12kg for dry food and 400g for wet.

Buy Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets online today

Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets is available to buy online from Time for Paws today. With the lowest prices available for this range, it’s well worth taking advantage of the handy offer of free delivery for any order over the cost of £25. This way you can stock up on your favourites! Don’t hesitate - place your order today!