Purina Gourmet Perle & Gold Cat Food

If your favourite feline had a discerning palate, then they will adore the Purina Gourmet range of delicious cat foods. The Gourmet Gold and Gourmet Perle collections just had to feature here at Time for Paws because we know just how many cats there are that find Gourmet hard to resist!

The Purina Gourmet range provides your cat with an exceptional and diverse menu. With the Gourmet Gold collection there are a variety of textures and flavours to choose from. These ensure that all tastes are catered for and that cats which appreciate variety will have the choices that they need. Meanwhile the Gourmet Perle collection is a smorgasbord of tasty morsels in rich gravy that are sure to please.

Whether your feline prefers their meals with gravy or jelly or in pate form, Purina Gourmet pouches provide the purrfect solution. You will find these fine foods at the lowest prices here at Time for Paws and do watch out for our multi-buy deals which represent even better value. Your cat will adore their Gourmet meals and you will love our prices!