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Wahl Grooming Glove

Wahl Grooming Glove

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The Wahl Grooming Glove is the perfect tool for grooming and massaging your cats and dogs of all breeds and sizes. Featuring an ergonomic design with a velcro strap that fits various wrist sizes, the mitten-style curry comb has gentle rubber bristles of varying sizes to help remove shed hair. The reverse side features a mesh material for easy cleaning. With the Wahl Grooming Glove, you can groom and stroke your pet at the same time, providing a calming experience. The flexible rubber bristles penetrate the coat for complete grooming and de-shedding, while also helping to remove loose fur and dirt from furniture, sofas, carpets and more. The glove is easy to clean with soap and water and air dry for hygienic use every time.

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