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Vitakraft Kracker Rabbit Honey Spelt

Vitakraft Kracker Rabbit Honey Spelt

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Your furry friend can enjoy a delicious and nutritious snack with the Vitakraft Kracker Honey-Spelt for Rabbits. This treat stick is easy and fun to consume, and is conveniently shaped into a stick so that you can easily control portion size and monitor your pet rabbit's food intake. It's made with crude wood and enriched with a variety of seeds, as well as vegetables that provide essential vitamins. This healthy snack is also supplemented with insoluble and soluble fibres, fatty acids, and calcium to help keep your rabbit strong and healthy. The honey spelt found in the treat helps with digestion and clearing of basic body infections, and the practical clip lets you attach this three-times-baked nibble stick to your rabbit's cage. Plus, it's specifically designed for dwarf rabbits with no added sugar, so your pet can enjoy every delicious nibble.

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