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Tropiclean Waterless Shampoo Deep Cleaning 220ml

Tropiclean Waterless Shampoo Deep Cleaning 220ml

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TropiClean Waterless Berry & Coconut Deep Cleansing Shampoo provides a convenient way to keep your energetic pup clean and smelling fresh. Formulated with raspberry and mango to replenish natural moisture and coconut and aloe to cleanse and deodorise, this waterless shampoo lets you keep your pup smelling great without the mess of a traditional bath. Plus, it's made with purified water, mild cleanser, hydrolyzed plant protein, odour neutraliser, and an organic blend of white plum extract, cucumber extract, and avena sativa oatmeal. And it's cruelty free and soap free, so it won't interfere with spot-on flea and tick treatments.

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