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Pro Den

Pro Den Omega Aid For Cats & Dogs

Pro Den Omega Aid For Cats & Dogs

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0,5%, Crude oil & fats 30,0%, Crude ash 0,5%.

NutriScience Omega Aid is a specialized dietary supplement designed to help cats and dogs manage various skin conditions. It contains a high concentration of Omega 3 (EPA+DHA) and Omega 6 Evening Primrose Oil (containing GLA), as well as Vitamin A, D, E, Biotin, and Zinc - all of which are essential for the maintenance and repair of skin and coat. The product corrects dietary fatty acid imbalances to supply the correct nutrients to keep your pet's skin and coat healthy. Available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottles, it is safe to be used with other NutriScience supplements, such as Kalm Aid. Directions for use: Cats and dogs 0-10 kg 2.5 ml, Dogs 10-20 kg 5 ml, Dogs 20-30 kg 7.5 ml, Dogs over 30 kg 10 ml. Pour the supplement over the pet's food and store the product in a cool, dry place between 15-25°C, away from direct sunlight. Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, omega 3 fish oil, evening primrose oil, aniseed oil, vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A, Biotin, zinc glycinate. Analytical constituents: Crude carbohydrate 1.75%, Crude protein 0.5%, Crude oil & fats 30.0%, Crude ash 0.5%.

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