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MORE Lighter Chicken Adult Cat Dry Food 2kg

MORE Lighter Chicken Adult Cat Dry Food 2kg

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MORE +Lighter Chicken complete dry cat food has been scientifically formulated to support weight loss.

  • High Meat Content – Tasty Fresh and Dried Chicken, provides cats with essential protein to keep muscles strong. Added Taurine assists vision and supports heart health.
  • Added Weight Loss Supplement – The perfect diet for overweight cats. The added L-Carnitine supplement converts fat to energy and helps maintain lean body mass. Slow-release Oats supply cats with a steady and satisfying source of energy.
  • Joint Support – Contains a blend of supportive joint care supplements. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM work together to soothe, rebuild, and protect overweight cats’ hardworking joints.
  • Blended with Salmon Oil- This ultra-palatable oil provides cats with Omega 3 fatty acids, which support brain function and improve coat health.
  • Packed with Prebiotics – A hypoallergenic and digestible formula, packed with Prebiotic FOS and MOS. These aid in strengthening and feeding gut bacteria. Added Yucca reduces stool and body odour and promotes healthy stool function.
  • Filled with Fruit Fibre – Bursting with Blueberry and Cranberry. These beneficial fruits provide Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants to support urinary tract health.
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