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Little One

Little One Green Valley Fibrefood For Chinchillas

Little One Green Valley Fibrefood For Chinchillas

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Little One “Green Valley” is a decorative pet food that provides sixty different varieties of grasses and herbs. This food is made through a special cold pressing technology, which maintains the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the plants. This food is high in long-tissue fibre, which will take care of the teeth and digestive system of guinea pigs. It does not contain any grain, making it ideal for pets with special dietary needs, such as those with weight issues or other conditions. It is a homogeneous mixture of grass, herbal flakes, vegetables, fruits and flowers, and has no grain, seeds or chemical additives. Little One “Green Valley” can be used as the basic food, as a hay source, and as a supplement to hay to diversify its botanic makeup, with no restrictions.

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