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Little One

Little One Feed For Rats 900g

Little One Feed For Rats 900g

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Little One Rat Feed is a nutritionally complete mix, with added vitamins and minerals, to provide your pet rat with all the nutrition they need. The mix contains a combination of grains, seeds, bean flakes, puffed grains, fruit, vegetables and crunchy extruded pieces, as well as a hint of dried banana for extra appeal. The ingredients in the recipe are wheat, barley flakes, peeled oat, multigrain pellets, wheat puffed, barley, maize red (5,85%), oat, maize flakes, pea flakes, carob, sweet lupin flakes, maize puffed, dried banana (2,5%), buckwheat, sunflower seeds, bean flakes, fructooligosaccharides (0,6%) and yucca extract (0,01%). Little One Rat Feed contains 19 delicious ingredients, including seeds and grains, various puffed ingredients, flakes, multigrain pellets, carob and dried banana, that your pet rat is sure to love.

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