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Johnsons Veterinary

Johnsons Vet Velvet Coat Conditioning Spray

Johnsons Vet Velvet Coat Conditioning Spray

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If you are looking for a convenient solution to keep your pet's fur healthy and clean, Johnson's Velvet Coat Spray is the perfect choice. This dog hair conditioner is made with natural, biodegradable ingredients that won't harm your pup's skin and coat. It works to replenish the natural oils, fragrance, and brightness of your pet's fur, leaving it with a glossy sheen and a velvety, soft finish. The pleasant scent of the spray also helps to mask any unpleasant odors caused by sweat and dirt. Plus, the trigger pump helps make it easy to use and avoids the noise that can alarm your pet. With Johnson's dog conditioner spray, you can keep your pup's coat looking and smelling great. Regular use of the product will also help to prevent tangling, making it easier to manage. With directions for use, simply spray the conditioner onto your pet's dry fur, avoiding their eyes, ears, and mouth. To apply the spray without noise, you can also spray it onto a soft brush and then brush it onto your pet's coat. You'll have a happy and healthy pup in no time!

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