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Johnsons Veterinary

Johnsons Vet Dry Foam Aerosol Shampoo

Johnsons Vet Dry Foam Aerosol Shampoo

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Johnsons Veterinary Dry Foam Shampoo is a luxurious, perfumed shampoo which can be used to quickly and easily clean your dog or cat without using water. The foam shampoo is perfect for spot cleaning and can be used as needed. Key Benefits: • Foam shampoo • Pleasantly perfumed • Cleans quickly & easily without water • Suitable for dogs & cats Directions for Use: Before using, ensure the pet's coat is dry. Shake the bottle well and apply the foam shampoo directly to the coat or by hand. Work the foam into small areas at a time and then rub the coat with a towel. Once finished, brush and comb the pet's fur thoroughly. Ideal for use when water is not available.

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