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Harringtons Optimum Rabbit

Harringtons Optimum Rabbit

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Harringtons Optimum Rabbit Food is a nutrient-packed all-in-one nugget designed to help prevent selective feeding. It contains a variety of high quality ingredients and is fortified with vitamins to support your rabbit’s immune system. We include yeast extracts and high fibre ingredients to aid digestion and promote a healthy digestive system. For optimal health, we recommend providing unlimited access to fresh hay or grass and clean water as part of your rabbit's diet. Harringtons Optimum Rabbit Food offers the conventional benefits associated with premium pet foods. It is made in the UK and contains natural antioxidants from green tea, with no artificial colours or flavours. Quality sources of fibre are essential for a healthy digestion and we add apple and grape for extra tastiness. The nugget contains calcium and phosphorous for healthy teeth and bones. Feeding instructions are as follows: From 100-130g per day for young rabbits, 130-150g per day for adult rabbits, and 350-400g per day for does and their litters. Hay and water should be provided at all times and rabbits enjoy variety, so fresh food such as apples, broccoli and cabbage should be given several times a week. Small twigs from trees such as apple and hazel will help to keep their teeth strong and healthy. When changing food, do so gradually over a 7 to 10 day period.

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