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Dogwood Deep Cleanse Shampoo 290ml

Dogwood Deep Cleanse Shampoo 290ml

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Only naturally derived and sustainably sourced ingredients are selected; chosen because of their known beneficial properties. You won't find any artificial soaps, phosphates, DEA's or artificial sulphates in the Dogwood range. Created to improve skin condition with high levels of vitamin E this luxurious range will help keep your pets skin and coat healthy; the natural way.

The Dogwood range of pet products is a luxurious way for you to pamper your pet. Perfectly PH balanced for pet skin and free from harsh chemicals this shampoo gently helps you to clean and freshen your pet's coat without irritating or drying it out.

Organic orange oil and grapefruit oil with vitamin E and mandarin oil provide the ultimate deep cleanse, effectively removing dirt, grease and odours with ease. This lightweight formula is mild, gentle and luxurious, tough on odours but will not strip the coat of natural oils and will maintain the correct PH balance of your dog's skin; the result is a beautifully soft, clean and odour free skin and coat.

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