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Coralpina Harness Faloria

Coralpina Harness Faloria

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The Coralpina Pet Harness is designed to provide ultimate comfort and safety for your furry companion. This stylish and resilient harness is easy to put on and won’t hinder your pet’s mobility. It is made with a polypropylene tape for softness and durability, and features a firm grip plastic clip. Plus, the straps are seamless to prevent scratching and rubbing on your pet’s fur. Additionally, the harness has the innovative Fit&Go system, which tightens when your pet pulls and loosens when they stop, making it an ideal tool for pet education. The Coralpina Harness is available in a variety of fashionable colors and patterns, and comes in sizes XX-Small (25-35cm, 3-4kg), X-Small (30-40cm, 4-5kg), Small (35-45cm, 5-6kg), Medium (40-50cm, 6-8kg) and Large (45-55cm, 7-10kg). Make sure your pet walks in comfort and style with the Coralpina Pet Harness!

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