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Bob Martin

Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets for Cats - 3 Pack

Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets for Cats - 3 Pack

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Bob Martin Clear Flea 11.4mg Tablets provide quick and effective relief from fleas for cats, small dogs and puppies. These tablets kill fleas fast, with 100% of fleas killed within 24 hours, and start killing within 15 minutes. This product is small, easy to use and can be given directly to your pet or hidden in their food. It is suitable for adult cats and dogs, pregnant and suckling mothers, and puppies from 4 weeks of age. Bob Martin Clear Flea Tablets should be used as part of an effective flea control program, as 95% of fleas live in the home. As such, additional treatment such as Bob Martin Clear Spot On will be required to completely eliminate the pests. It is also important to treat your pet's bedding, baskets and other resting areas with a product such as Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray. After treating your pet, they may scratch more than normal for the first hour as the fleas react to the active ingredients in the tablet.

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