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Beaphar Fleatec Household Flea Spray

Beaphar Fleatec Household Flea Spray

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Beaphar FLEAtec is a super premium household flea control product, specially developed to treat indoor surfaces. Its dual-action formula quickly kills adult fleas and prevents the development of larvae and eggs, breaking the flea lifecycle. It's effective against fleas and other crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants and silverfish. The product contains an insect growth regulator 'S-methoprene' which stops flea eggs from hatching for up to six months. It is available in a 600 ml pack. Key Benefits: - Kills fleas and crawling insects - Dual-action flea control - Extra long lasting 6 months control How To Use: - Use at any time of the year when pests are seen, or as a preventative measure every six months. - Shake well before use - Spray the entire floor area holding the can about 30cm from the area to be treated - To control cockroaches and ants entering the house, spray at the point of entry such as doors and windows. For existing infestations, spray from a distance of 30cm directly onto surfaces where pests walk or land. - Do not spray plants. Do not apply to animals. Pets should be treated with a suitable medicine, such as Beaphar FIPROtec, to protect against fleas. - Reapply if pests are still present after 14 days or if the surface is washed. Storage: - Store below 50°C. Protect from sunlight. Once empty, dispose of product in the household rubbish. *Always Fully Read The Product Label & Packaging Before Use.

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