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Beaphar Cat Flea Collar Glitter Assorted 30cm

Beaphar Cat Flea Collar Glitter Assorted 30cm

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This Beaphar flea collar is a comfortable and effective solution for cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age that contains an insecticide to kill fleas and helps to prevent their return for up to 4 weeks. Each collar is adjustable, comes with a silver bell, and features fashionable colours randomly allocated. Directions for use, precautions, frequently asked questions, and colour selection information are included.

The active ingredient in the collar is 456 mg (18% w/w) Permethrin (cis:trans 40:60). Directions for use include fastening the collar around the cat’s neck, leaving enough room to insert two fingers between the collar and the neck, and periodically checking and loosening the collar if fitted onto a growing cat. It is important to not use the collar if the cat is less than 12 weeks old, is sick, or getting over an illness. The collar should also not be used with other flea control products on the cat while using the collar or within seven days of removing it. The flea collar should remain effective even if the cat goes outside in the rain. To ensure safety, bells can be easily removed from the soft felt collar and the collar should not be chewed by any animal.

Our selection of colours includes Velvet (red, blue, or black velvet), Diamante (red, blue, or black with gemstone sparkle), Glitter (silver, red, or black glittery effect), Sparkle (red, blue, or black with a touch of sparkle), Catwalk (leatherette finish), and Reflective (yellow).

Beaphar also offers other non-prescription medication such as FRONTLINE Plus, as well as a variety of other cat care products.

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