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Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts Chewies Ball

Animal Instincts Chewies Ball

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The Animal Instincts Chewies Spikey Ball offers tons of knobbly, wobbly fun for dogs of all sizes! Carefully designed to keep your pup entertained, enriched, stimulated, and active through play, the ball is a great choice for games of fetch and solo play. This high quality, non-toxic rubber ball features a durable and enticing spikey design, making it suitable for all breeds. It's also formulated to be gentle on your pup's teeth and gums to promote cleaner teeth by removing loose plaque and tartar from the tooth surface and gum line during play. Additionally, the ball's spikey design helps to massage and clean teeth and gums during play. It also offers an engaging erratic bounce to keep your pup motivated and focused on the game in hand. Available in two vibrant colors (orange or green, selected at random) and two sizes (LARGE 12.5 cm diameter and MEDIUM 8 cm diameter), the Animal Instincts Chewies Spikey Ball is perfect for indoor and outdoor fun, while satisfying your pup's natural chasing and hunting instincts. It also encourages healthy activity, providing essential exercise, stimulation, and enrichment with every game played.

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