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Ancol Extra Heavy Chain Lead Leather Handle

Ancol Extra Heavy Chain Lead Leather Handle

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Make walks with your beloved dog more enjoyable and secure by using the Ancol Heavy Check Chain for Dogs. This dog check chain is of premium quality and can be used as a training tool, as it tightens when your pup pulls and loosens when they obey. With chrome-plated mild steel and welded links, this training chain is reliable and durable while you are out with your pup. This allows your pup to wander around without getting out of control. Manufactured with high-quality chrome plating and mild steel, this Ancol check chain looks attractive and its quality is dependable. It comes in various sizes, so you can choose the perfect size for you and your pup. This correction chain is comfortable to hold and ensures you have a firm grip when your pooch starts running or pulling. This chain leash can also be used to issue corrections when your pup misbehaves or ignores a command. This Ancol Heavy Check Chain for Dogs is a great choice to help you guide your pup to the correct behaviour. Remember that check chains should always be worn under supervision.

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