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Ancol Ergo Metal Comb

Ancol Ergo Metal Comb

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Our in-store Grooming team highly recommends the Ancol Ergo Aluminium Dog Comb. This light, easy-to-use tool is made up of half coarse teeth, perfect for detangling and combing through long and thick fur, and the other half consisting of medium teeth for shorter fur or to smooth out a coat after it has been detangled. The stainless steel teeth are rounded at the ends to ensure your pup's comfort and for a gentle grooming experience.

No matter the type of coat your dog has, regular grooming should be part of their routine. Some dogs require daily grooming, while others may just need a quick brush once a week. We have a variety of brushes, combs, shampoos, and sprays that are sure to suit your pup's coat type.

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