PRO PLAN Dog Adult for Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA Salmon Food: 14kg

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PRO PLAN® Dog Adult Sensitive Rich in Salmon with Rice

Discover how PRO PLAN® can provide a balanced, nutritional diet helping to promote a healthy, happy and active life for your dog. PRO PLAN® Adult Sensitive 14kg is formulated with limited protein sources to help minimise skin discomfort. Some adult dogs unfortunately suffer from skin or digestive discomfort, which can negatively impact their quality of life. This is why PRO PLAN Sensitive Salmon and rice adult dog food is made with high quality salmon, which is known to be gentle on the stomach and not cause allergic reactions, which can lead to skin and coat problems. In addition, this diet contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids, which not only help sensitive skin, but also helps with brain development. This diet is also lower in protein that some other diets, as too much protein can leads to skin and digestive problems. Finally, this diet contains high levels of antioxidants along with vitamin C & E, for immune support for your adult dog.

Key Features:

SENSI DERMA - Formulated with specific levels of Omega 3 fatty acids to help support sensitive skin. Helps reduce discomfort associated with skin sensitivity.

HIGH TOLERANCE - Contains limited sources of protein to help reduce the risk of skin discomfort in sensitive puppies.

PRO IMMUNE - With high levels of antioxidants, such as vitamin E & C, to help build a healthy immune system.

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