Pro Plan Cat Adult 7+ with Chicken Dry Cat Food 3KG

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PRO PLAN Cat Adult 7+ with LONGEVIS Chicken Dry Food 3kg

PRO PLAN ADULT 7+ combines all essential nutrients including vitamin A, C and E with beta-carotene, also omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and a natural prebiotic in a special diet for cats aged 7+.

What is LONGEVIS® ?

LONGEVIS® is a unique formulation proven to support key vital systems. LONGEVIS® is a unique blend of nutrients including antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a prebiotic, proven* to extend the healthy lifespan and improve quality of life of cats aged 7 years and above.

Helps support key vital functions (immune, renal, digestion) - thanks to a high level of vitamins and extra beta-carotene in a highly digestible recipe specially designed for cats aged over 7. Balanced gut micro-flora for digestive health - thanks to chicory, a natural prebiotic, which naturally stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the cat’s intestine. Balanced minerals for a healthy urinary system by promoting a urine pH in the safe range to help minmise the risk of urinary stone formation.

Recommended daily amount (g/day):

Cat Weight Quantity from 7 to 11 yrs Quantity from 12 yrs

2-4 kg 25-50 g 30-55 g

4-6 kg 50-80 g 55-85 g

6-8 kg 80-105 g 85-115 g

Feeding quantities required to maintain ideal body condition will vary, depending on age, activity and environment. Watch your cat's weight and adjust food amounts accordingly.

Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available. For your cat’s health, consult your veterinarian regularly.


Chicken (21%), rice, maize gluten meal, dehydrated poultry protein, maize, animal fat, dried egg, maize starch, wheat gluten meal, digest, dried chicory root* (2%), minerals, soyabean oil, fish oil, dried beet pulp. *natural prebiotic.


Rich in Chicken

Protein % 37

Fat % 18

Carbohydrates % 32

Crude Fibre % 1.0


A IU/kg 24501

D3 IU/kg 1371

E IU/kg 1273

K mg/kg 0.2

C mg/kg 70

B1 Thiamine mg/kg 35.1

B2 Riboflavin mg/kg 17.8

B3 Niacin mg/kg 199.5

B5 Pantothenic Acid mg/kg 55.4

B6 Pyridoxine mg/kg 17.3

B8 Biotin mg/kg 0.3

B9 Folic Acid mg/kg 5.8

B12 Cobalamine mg/kg 0.3

Total B-Vitamins mg/kg 332

Choline mg/kg 3140


Calcium % 1.1

Phosphorus % 0.9

Sodium % 0.5

Chloride % 1.0

Potassium % 0.9

Magnesium % 0.1

Iron mg/kg 190

Zinc mg/kg 175

Copper mg/kg 17

Manganese mg/kg 23

Iodine mg/kg 2.5

Selenium mg/kg 0.4


Omega - 6 % 3.13

Omega - 3 % 0.57

Linoleic Acid % 2.93

Arachidonic Acid % 0.19

DHA % 0.10


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