If you want to find the highest quality treats for your pet, Pet Munchies are a fantastic option. Made with human grade meat and fish, and with no added nasties, these gourmet treats are both healthy and tasty, making them perfect for training, rewarding and simply giving pleasure to your dog. They now also stock a range of Pet Munchies for cats too!

Pet Munchies are hand-cut treats made from duck, chicken, liver, venison, lamb and white ocean fish. The flavours of Pet Munchies are enhanced naturally, by roasting each of the meats in its own juices. That makes this natural product the perfect daily supplement for your pet’s diet – Pet Munchies are both healthy and delicious.

About pet munchies

Created in human consumption-grade factories, Pet Munchies attaches great importance to health and safety, development, and research. All of Pet Munchies’ suppliers are registered CIQ, which means the quality of chicken supplied is guaranteed healthy and of the highest quality.

Pet Munchies only produce 100% natural pet treats – they have no chemical additives at all; they’re just pure meat. Throughout the cooking and creating process, cuts of meat are trimmed to size, trayed and slow-roasted in their own juices for that succulent flavour full of an abundance of proteins. This slow cooking dehydrates the treats, giving them a natural shelf life of 18 months.

His sense of smell is a dog’s best tool. Your pup will easily sniff out the tasty goodness of Pet Munchies, whose concentrated flavour stimulates their sense of smell, as well as offering the added benefits of cleaning their teeth, strengthening their jaw muscles and protecting their gums.

Range of products

Pet Munchies create the best nibbles for both dogs and cats. Roasted to perfection, these treats are naturally low in salt, fat and carbohydrates, with no artificial colours or flavours added.

Their dinky size makes Pet Munchies the ideal mouthful for any breed of dog or cat – just break the treat up for toy breeds. Even the dog with a few more years under his belt will love them, with his sensitive gums.

Pet Munchies’ freeze-dried cat treats are made from 100% natural, quality fish fillet. Fish is the perfect source of vitamins and minerals for your furry feline. Stuffed full of Omega 3 and antioxidants, these treats help maintain a healthy heart and promote a healthy coat and skin.

High levels of calcium also make these a great treat for ensuring continued teeth health, and supporting joint mobility. Being 100% fish fillet, they are low in fat and high in protein, and are of course free from wheat, cereal and gluten.

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If you think your dog or cat deserves only the best, natural and additive-free treats, then Pet Munchies are for you! Whether you need treats to train, to reward or just to spoil, why not do so with their health and happiness at the absolute fore, with Pet Munchies? Order now and benefit from free delivery on all orders over £25. We offer some of the lowest prices around, so what are you waiting for? Buy online today and treat your dog to some yummy Pet Munchies.