Pedigree dog food is a nationally renowned dog food provider with more than eighty years of experience in keeping its consumers happy. Every decision Pedigree makes is for the love of dogs; Pedigree are passionate about pets.

Whether it’s the pets in their offices or the volunteering they do for their Feeding Brighter Futures project, dogs are not just Pedigree’s job – they’re the brand’s life. The brand’s philosophy is to provide dog food products that are affordable to all pet owners, whilst retaining a commitment to providing leading nutrition. They want to make their range of great quality, nutritious products perfect, to keep your dog, whether old or young, happy and healthy.

About Pedigree

Pedigree’s long history of providing pet food has allowed them to focus their attentions on the importance of science and nutrition. Pedigree has created and supports the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, where Waltham scientists work together in partnership with the resident pets there.

They conduct fundamental, pet-centric research studies here, enabling Pedigree to deliver the scientific breakthroughs necessary to remain at the forefront of pet health, nutrition and happiness, which is echoed through the innovations in their product range.

The Pedigree range and products

Pedigree products consist of 65% meat and animal derivatives in their wet foods, with up to 39% in the dry foods. “Meat and animal derivatives” is the legal definition for the non-flesh parts of an animal, including organs such as the liver, kidneys and heart.

Offal offers high levels of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and is rich in amino acids, all of which ensures your dog is getting the broadest access to the nutrition it needs. The meat and animal derivatives used in Pedigree products always come from animals certified as fit for human consumption according to EU legislation.

Pedigree include both vegetable and cereal derivatives in their range in order to optimise your dog’s ability to process all the goodness in the food. Slowing the transit time through the gut with these necessary fibres and carbohydrates allows the digestive tract to better absorb the nutrients.

Pedigree do not use any artificial flavours, and no ‘table sugar’ or sucrose is added. Salt is added, to match the levels of sodium your dog requires in order to mimic the naturally sodium-rich meat-based diets they have evolved to process. The above shows that Pedigree only adds ingredients to its range for a purpose – to provide nutrition, safety, or enjoyment for your pup!

Buy Pedigree online today

Pedigree products are only available from the Pedigree brand themselves; they do not make dog food products for anyone else. Using only approved suppliers and maintaining the highest standards in their factories, Pedigree are a safe bet for your pup’s health and happiness. We can provide Pedigree at a great cost today, and ship direct to you from our warehouses, speeding up the process too. If Pedigree is the best product for your pup, buy it here online today!