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Simple Solution 30 Day Cat Litter: 4.08kg

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Take back your home.You love cats, but let�s face it... no one wants their home to smell like a litter box. 30 Day Super-Absorbent Litter from Simple Solution is unlike anything you�ve ever used before. It�s a new kind of cat litter. It doesn�t mask the odor; its powerful odor technology actually alters the odor molecules, eliminating the smell completely. Plus, you never have to scoop urine ever again�saving you hassle and money.PowerfulStrong enough to eliminate litter box odors in even the toughest multi-cat households. AbsorbentThree times more absorbent than standard litters, so it works faster and better.No scoopingThe unique Attapulgite clay is so effective, it doesn�t need to clump�so you don�t have to scoop urine ever again.FeatherlightUp to 50% lighter than standard litters, giving you more odor-fighting power in a smaller box. Made with pure Attapulgite.Attapulgite clay is a unique, lightweight mineral with a three-dimensional crystal structure, large surface area and high porosity that allow it to quickly attach to, absorb and trap moisture and odors.Nature at its best.Eliminates odoron the molecular level.Other cat litters just mask unpleasant odor. Not 30 Day Super-Absorbent Litter. Our new technology chemically bonds with odor molecules and forms a new, odorless molecule. Total odor control.

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