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Pettex Premium Grey Clumping Cat Litter: 4 x 5kg

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Pettex clumping cat litter is made from a mineral called Bentonite which is mined for us in Cyprus and imported to our processing and bagging plant in the UK. Bentonites creation started over 100million years ago during the cretaceous age when erupting volcanoes dropped ash into the seas forming layers of sediment as much as 50 ft deep. These sediments evolved into the clays we know today as Bentonite. Bentonite is the product of a 1000 uses and has been used for medicinal purposes by people all around the world for 100s of years. In America pioneers found moistened bentonite to be an ideal lubricant for squeaky wagon wheels. The mixture was also used as a sealant for log cabin roofing and Indians found bentonite useful as a soap. It was extensively used by the wool industry as a cleaning agent for removing wool grease - this is where it derives its other name, Fullers Earth. A more exotic use is in jockeys breeches where it reportedly prevents piles. The single largest consuming market is the production of clumping cat litters. Because of the unique water absorption, swelling and odor controlling characteristics of Bentonite it is ideal for use as a clumping type cat litter. Pettex clumping cat litter is an economical alternative to non clumping types as when wet it forms clumps which can easily be removed from the litter tray and diposed of. The remainder of the cat litter stays intact and can be continued to be used.


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