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Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit 2.2kg

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Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit 2.2kg

Essentials Adult Rabbit Food is made from timothy grass meal. It is specifically designed to meet the particular nutritional needs of adult rabbits. Importantly adult nutritional needs are lower than those of animals in the growth stage of life. Rabbits are designed to eat and digest fibre found in plant material. Timothy grass hay provides the fibre necessary to maintain intestinal health, therefore making Essentials Adult Rabbit the vet’s number one choice for your adult rabbit.

Essentials Adult Rabbit Food is:

Timothy hay-based

Optimum protein level

Ideal diet for adult rabbits

Recommended by vets

Balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio

High fibre from quality digestible ingredients

Fresh! Straight from the farm!


Premium Ingredients:

Timothy Hay = Essential Fibre

Soy Products = Fibre, Balanced Protein, Healthy Fat

Wheat = Ideal Carbohydrate and Energy Source

Essentials Adult Rabbit Food combines needed fibre with stabilized nutrients therefore assuring a well-balanced diet when served with Oxbow loose grass hays.

All rabbits need high fibre to keep their digestive systems working properly, plus basic vitamins and minerals to maximize their health.

Oxbow Animal Health’s founder and owner John Miller created the industry’s first timothy hay-based food for rabbits and other small herbivores, the basis of Essentials Adult Rabbit Food.

Available in Sizes: 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb


Feeding Directions

Mature Rabbits (over 1 year):

1-4 lbs = 1/8 cup daily

4-8 lbs = 1/4-1/3 cup daily

8-10 lbs = 1/3-1/2 cup daily

10 lbs+ = 3/4 cup daily

Feed in addition to unlimited grass hay.

*This product is not intended for growing, active, pregnant or nursing rabbits. We encourage pet owners to feed Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Food during these stages of life.

Please note that these are guidelines. If your rabbit is overweight or underweight, please contact your vet or Oxbow for more specific feeding information.

75% of your rabbit’s diet should be grass hay. Oxbow offers a variety of hand-selected, high-fibre hays to enrich the life and health of your pet.

Transitioning to a New Food:

Week 1: mix 3 parts current food with 1 part new food; in Week 2: mix 2 parts current food with 2 parts new food; for Week 3: mix 1 part current food with 3 parts new food; and in Week 4: feed Essentials Adult Rabbit Food exclusively.

Other Notes:

Always change your rabbit’s food gradually to allow the digestive system time to adapt, because some rabbits are resistant to change, therefore time and patience are needed when switching feeds.

Vets agree that when you are concerned about the health of your rabbit, importantly choose Essentials Adult Rabbit Food. Adult pet rabbits have different nutritional needs than baby bunnies, therefore feed them the original timothy hay-based pellet fresh from the farm!

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