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Mikki Retrieval Dummy: Medium

RRP: £10.49


Mikki Retrieval Dummy Medium

Teach your dog to fetch

Combine fun with exercise

The Mikki Retrievable Dummy is made out of cork which makes it tough and durable. Great for fun in the park or for retrieval and water training.

Training Guide

Play with your dog and the Mikki Retrieval Dummy – getting him to mouth and chase the dummy as you move it around in front of him.

Once you have gained his interest in the dummy and he’s happy to pick it up, throw it a short distance away and tell him to “Fetch”.

When your dog reaches and picks up the dummy, bend down low, open your arms and call him back to you enthusiastically – using his name to get his attention and then the command “Come” to encourage him to return.

Be very enthusiastic when giving this command so your dog comes to you and doesn’t run somewhere else to play with the dummy.

As your dog returns towards you, keep calling and praising him so that he doesn’t run past you with excitement.

Once your dog has stopped in front of you, gently put your hand under the mouth and say “Drop”. You may need to use a treat to get your dog to drop the dummy. The Mikki Deluxe Training Bag allows you to reach your treats easily with one hand whilst holding the dummy with the other! Your dog will learn that treats come after good behaviour. When he drops the dummy, give him lots of praise, then repeat the entire exercise.

If your dog does not want to come back to you with the dummy, attach a Mikki Recall Training Lead to his collar. Once he has retrieved the dummy and is heading off in the wrong direction, restrict his movements by gently guiding him towards you with the lead. Make sure you and your dog enjoy the game by praising and making a fuss of him when he gets it right.

As you practice, and your dog starts to learn the technique, you can increase the distance that you throw the dummy.


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