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Lovejoys Pure & Simple Grain Free Dog Food Farm Reared Turkey: 12kg

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Lovejoys Pure & Simple Grain Free Dog Food Farm Reared Turkey 12kg

Lovejoys® Pure & Simple Grain Free Farm Reared Turkey is a complete grain free pet food for adult dogs.

Lovejoys® understand how good ingredients can improve the health and happiness of your dog and we have taken great effort to ensure everything that goes into our food is for their benefit and nothing else.

It has no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of Lovejoys® foods.

For the Lovejoys dog food brand page, click here. Or for the general dog food page, click here

Lovejoys® is made from top quality ingredients which have been carefully selected for their health benefits.

Lovejoys® includes Seaweed Oil, due its beneficial support for a healthy brain, vision and nervous system. Lovejoys® use seaweed that is sustainable and renewable, making it environmentally friendly too.

This diet is also grain free meaning that it does not contain corn, wheat or rice which can be found to cause an allergenic reaction to the ingredients. Grain free also means that it is naturally lower in carbohydrates which more closely resemble the natural diet.

Feeding your dog grain free may help if your dog has chronic skin or digestive problems.

Grain free, high protein diets such as Lovejoys® Pure and Simple are highly digestible which typically means results in decreased stool volume. Finally grain free foods are more calorically dense allowing for smaller portions to be feed.

This food can be fed in conjunction with the Lovejoys® Pure & Simple Grain Free Wet Food Range. For further details on this, please contact Lovejoys Pet Food.


• Highly digestible

• Lower in Carbohydrates

• Addition to the Lovejoys® Pure & Simple Wet Food Range which can be used in conjunction

• Lovejoys® Pure & Simple Dry Food is available in 3 different flavours Lamb, Salmon & Turkey

Feeding Guide

Current weight of Dog (kg)           Grams per day

1 - 5                                                25 - 91

5 - 10                                              90 - 175

10 - 20                                           175 - 260

20 - 30                                           260 - 365

30 - 40                                           365 - 445

40 - 50                                           445 - 525

50 - 60                                           525 - 605

60 - 70                                           605 - 680

70 - 80 +                                        680 - 750+Feeding table

Lovejoys® is normally fed dry, but do make sure there is always a separate bowl of water available. Alternatively it can be moistened with warm water which will bring out the flavour. You can feed in one meal a day or two. If your dog prefers two feeds a day, we recommend one third in the morning and two thirds in the evening.

See the feeding guide table for the correct amount. We recommend soaking a small amount of food in warm water to soften it first, then gradually reduce the amount of water and introduce fresh dry kibble a little at a time.

Feeding routine

If you are feeding Lovejoys® dry food for the first time, the best way to introduce the new food to your dog is to start adding a small amount to their current food. Increase these amounts over the period of a week, whilst reducing the previous food until a complete change is achieved.

These guidelines are not a fixed rule. If you think your dog needs a little longer to get used to their new food, increase the number of days over which you integrate it into their diet.


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