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Ecobed Cardboard Bedding 20kg

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EcoBed Cardboard Bedding 20kg

Here at ECObed, we understand that your animal's comfort and environment is of the upmost importance to you; whether it’s your bunny rabbit or your prized racehorse, you’ll want to provide a comfortable, safe and natural bedding solution … and ECObed has the answer!

We know a thing or two about animal bedding and take everything into consideration, ensuring that all our products are eco-friendly from the way they are made to how they can be recycled. Having the wrong bedding can make cleaning out messier, longer and be bad news for your animals’ health, but with less smell, less cleaning out, and dust free solutions, our bedding is a quite literally a breath of fresh air.

These are just some of the appealing reasons that our bedding is the preferred choice of many stable yards, gamekeepers and pet stores, including the yard for 7 young and experienced horses owned by International Show Jumper Jackson Reed-Stephenson.

ECObed is part of the Pearce Group; a family owned company that is dedicated to providing bespoke recycling services with the environment at heart.


ECObed is an easy to use, easy to maintain, warm and natural solution for your stables. If you’re looking for a product that provides less wastage, will save you precious time when mucking out, as well as being environmentally friendly, then look no further.

The comfort, safety and health of your horse is an integral feature of our products; virtually dust free it is proven to be successful with COPD or other respiratory problems, as well as being uniquely made with 100% corrugated cardboard that keeps the top surface dry, odourless and retains heat.

And when you’re finished with ECObed you can use it as mulch and an effective deterrent of weeds, or in a muck heap it will decompose much quicker than straw or shavings.

Game & Poultry

Cardboard bedding is perfect for your game and poultry; birds will peck at cardboard rather than pulling at their own feathers or pecking each other, preventing unwanted attacks amongst your birds. Not only that, but it retains heat and therefore creates the ideal environment for hatchlings in mass production.

The cardboard solution helps you aid the environment as well as being a cost effective solution, not only is it efficient bedding but can ultimately save your flock.

Domestic Pets

ECObed products extract dust which makes them perfect for small animals that commonly suffer with respiratory issues. So whether it is your bunny rabbit’s hutch, your dog’s kennel, or the cage where your children’s hamster resides; ECObed provides a safe sleep haven for your domestic pet with maximum comfort and warmth, ensuring that every member of the family can sleep soundly.

Cardboard Bedding

A green product that is completely bio-degradable, as well as being made with a blend of post and pre-consumer cardboard sourced by the recycling arm of the Pearce Group.

A virtually dust free product that undergoes specialist dust extraction during production as well as specially designed equipment removing further dust prior to packaging.

The cardboard is 100% corrugated, which maintains heat and comfort whilst liquid quickly runs through the bed to the floor being slowly absorbed by the bottom layer.

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