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Copele Safeed Automatic Treadle Feeder 12kg

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Copele Galvanised Safeed Automatic Poultry Feeder 12kg

Poultry hopper feeder designed to be opened with mechanical action once the bird stands on the arm. Its design prevents rodents and other birds accessing the food and lessens waste of feed.  The main structure is made with hot dipped galvanised steel and the pedal is made of blue PVC.  Due to its eronmic design it is easy operated and quiet meaning birds quickly learn how to use it.  Can be used inside or out as feed will be protected. Also has transparent disply to show feed level when 1/3 full. Comes assembled and ready to use. 

Colour: Metal - Blue footstand                                                                    

Materail: Galvanised Steel - Plastic footstand                                    

Measures cm: 30L x 30w x 41h                                                                    

Suitable for up to 6 hens

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