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Canny Collar: Size 5: Black

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Canny Collar Size 5 43-48cm / 17-19 inch

Are you embarrassed by your pulling dog? Do you dread taking your dog for a walk because you have to avoid other dogs? Have you tried everything else to stop your dog pulling and nothing has worked?

The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop dogs pulling on the lead, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets. Simple to fit and easy to use, it is kind to your dog, comfortable, safe and effective. And how many other products are backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee?

The ‘behind-the-head’ design means it doesn’t yank your dog’s head nor ride up into the eyes and can be used in both ‘training mode’ and ‘regular mode’ by slipping the loop off your dog's nose as needed. This way, you can train your dog to eventually walk on a regular collar and lead.

The Canny Collar is recommended by dog trainers, training schools, rescue shelters and veterinarians worldwide. It is the favoured training head collar of UK Guide Dogs.

Instructions for fitting your Canny Collar can be found here:

Why choose a Canny Collar?

There are many training collars out there that claim to stop your dog pulling so why choose a Canny Collar? Here are ten very good reasons:

A lifetime guarantee

Canny Collar Lifetime GuaranteeThe Canny Collar is designed to go the distance - how many other training products give you a warranty for life?! We will replace any Canny Collar free of charge to the original purchaser, no questions asked, in the unlikely event that the collar fails due to a manufacturing fault or material defect.

Easy to fit, simple to use

It's as easy as fitting your dogs regular collar. We use a standard, nickel-plated steel buckle and pin fitting for greater security and a simple line of high quality webbing to control your dog’s head. There are no complicated instructions, just fit it and go!

Training, not restraining

The Canny Collar can train your dog to walk on a simple collar and lead with no pulling. By moving the slip line on and off your dog’s nose as required, you can gradually teach him not to pull at all, even when he feels nothing on his nose.

Your dog will accept it more quickly

Because your dog only has one piece of material over his nose and not several straps, he will accept this more quickly than other devices that are more restraining. He can open his mouth, breathe, pant and drink water wearing the Canny Collar as it does not keep the mouth closed when in use.

You can leave it on when off lead

No need to take the Canny Collar off when letting your dog run free – simply use the carabiner clips to fasten the slip line underneath your dog’s chin (snout) and away he goes.

More comfort for your dog

The Canny Collar is simply a standard collar, generously padded for comfort, with a single line of material (the slip line) going over your dog’s nose. This means he is free to breathe freely, open his mouth and enjoy his walk as much as you want him to. There is less material to restrict his mouth which also allows him to get used to the Canny Collar very quickly.

Used by respected organisations

The Canny Collar is one of the recommended training aids of the Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Dogs Trust and the RSPCA in the UK. It is also recommended by many dog trainers and training organisations.

Your purchase supports rescues and charities

Each year, we donate to many rescue organisations, charities, fairs and events that help dogs in need. Like you, we care about the welfare of dogs and want to do all we can to make a dog's life more happy, secure and stress-free.

Half a million dog owners can't be wrong

When you use a Canny Collar, you're in good company. Since it was launched, over half a million collars have been sold to dog owners just like you. People who once struggled to control their dogs now enjoy walking them comfortably by their side on a loose lead.

The best collar!

The Canny Collar - the best collar!The Canny Collar was voted ‘Best New Product’ by the UK pet industry shortly after it was launched and since then many dog owners like you have found out exactly why. It is kind, safe, comfortable and effective – in short, everything you are looking for when wishing to humanely train your dog to walk on a loose lead.

How to choose the right size Canny Collar

Measure your dog's neck here for the correct size Canny Collar

Measure your dog’s neck

To ensure your Canny Collar fits accurately and is safe to use when walking your dog, take a tape and measure around your dog's neck snugly, to just behind the ears. Then, choose the correct size Canny Collar for your dog using the following measurements. If your dog's neck measurement falls exactly between two sizes, our experience shows that the best option is normally to choose the smaller of the two sizes to ensure a good fit.

Sizes for common breeds

Below is a list of some common breeds and the corresponding size of Canny Collar that would typically fit an adult male dog. Younger dogs or females may need a smaller size. Please note that this is an approximation only and that the most accurate way to ensure you choose the correct size for your dog is to use the measuring method as described above.

Breed Size

Akita 5 or 6

Beagle 3

Bearded Collie 4

Border Collie 3 or 4

Boxer 4 or 5

Bullmastiff 5 or 6

Cocker Spaniel 3

Dalmatian 4

Doberman 3 or 4

German Shepherd 4 or 5

Golden Retriever 4 to 6

Great Dane 6 or 7

King Charles Cavalier 1

Labrador Retriever 4 to 6

Mastiff - large 7

Newfoundland Colossus

Rhodesian Ridgeback 4 or 5

Rottweiler 5 or 6

Springer Spaniel 3

Staffordshire Bull Terrier 3 or 4

St Bernard Colossus

Terrier - Jack Russell, Westie etc 1 or 2

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