The first Nylabone chew was produced in 1955 and generations of pooches have been enjoying theme ever since. The chew was a significant innovation as it was strong, long lasting and it improved dog’s dental health. But every dog is different and so over the years, this family owned business has worked hard to develop a variety of chews to suit their varying needs.

Nylabone chew toys and edible chews help dogs to lead healthier, happier lives by addressing their dental health, relieving anxiety and reducing destructive chewing. The chews are available in sizes to suit all dogs.

The impressive Nylabone Dura Chews feature tiny bristles across their surface to reduce tartar and plaque build-up. They are tough enough to withstand many hours of enthusiastic chewing and are available in several tasty flavours including chicken and bacon. The Nylabone double action chew is very strong and yet is soft enough to carried around easily for extra fun. The range also includes chews and teething rings for puppies.

With Nylabone you can address the problems of destructive chewing and separation anxiety whilst providing your dog with a healthy chew toy that will help their teeth. These durable and affordable chew toys will satisfy even the most voracious chewer!