Natures Menu believes that dogs and cats deserve proper food, not low quality unhealthy mixes with little nutrition. Their food is designed to naturally satisfy your dog’s nutritional requirements, without poor quality filler ingredients such as meat derivatives, processed carbohydrates and meat meals. Thanks to over 30 years experience in the business, Natures Menu know exactly what needs to go into healthy, complete dog and cat food.

About Natures Menu

Natures Menu was founded back in 1981, and ever since then, they have been producing ethically sourced, prime cuts of human grade meat for dogs. Their food contains a high real meat content, and is suitable for allergy prone dogs.

Natures Menu started off as Anglian Meta Products, a small family run company in Norfolk that produced Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF). Initially, products were only sold to a limited range of breeders, but demand grew to produce a wider range to be sold to more customers.

Nowadays, Natures Menu are Europe’s leading experts on natural dog and cat foods, as well as raw diets for dogs. The food today is made from high quality ingredients as well as the traditional minces that were first made many years ago. Natures Menu uses mouth-watering British meats sourced from local suppliers.

What customers love about Natures Menu, as well as how much their dogs love the yummy taste, is that they work with carefully selected British suppliers, and make an effort to deal directly with farmers where possible. Their food is vet approved, and they have an in-house vet team checking all the recipes and ingredients. Natures Menu is made in their kitchen in Norfolk, and sold all throughout Europe.

The Natures Menu range

Your dog will fall head over paws for the Natures Menu range of flavours. Choose from a range of delicious flavours including pheasant and goose, mackerel and chicken, farm reared turkey, wild venison, rabbit with cranberry, wild boar, succulent duck, grass grazed beef and free range chicken.

You can buy all sorts of dog food variations including raw superfood nuggets, complete raw dog food, country hunter pouches, raw bones and chews. Whatever food your dog prefers, wet, dry or super crunchy, Natures Menu will have something to satisfy their hunger and food preferences.

Natures Menu also cater for dogs that need a specific diet, they offer hypoallergenic dog food, grain and gluten free, single protein food, low fat food, homemade food and food for dogs with sensitive tums.

Buy Natures Menu online

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