If you like to feed your dog a more traditional wet dog food diet containing drool-worthy meaty chunks, then Naturediet is for you. This is one of our all time best sellers, because owners just love how much their dogs adore the taste of Naturediet, a complete, 100% balanced dog food.

Naturediet contains real pieces of meat and vegetables, so you know your dog is getting a healthy, tasty dinner. What pooches really love is the delicious thick gravy that makes Naturediet even tastier.

Naturediet comes in conveniently packaged, individual portions, so you know exactly how much to feed your dog. It also contains top quality chicken protein to help support muscle growth and tegeneration, antioxidants to boost your dog’s immune system and lots of beneficial minerals and vitamins like calcium, prebiotics and fibre.

Naturediet is a completely wheat and gluten free diet that doesn’t contain any nasties such as artificial colours or flavours.

About Naturediet

Naturediet is a well established British company. They have been in the pet food manufacturing business for over 40 years, and have the knowledge and research to produce top quality pet food. Their aim is to provide the very best nutrition for your canine companion.

Naturediet’s diverse range of dog food is made and manufactured in a high-tech, bespoke factory in rural Norfolk. Every recipe is carefully considered and reviewed to make sure it meets the needs of a well balanced, healthy canine diet. Naturediet believe in all natural ingredients, and transparent labelling so that you know exactly what you are getting in your dog food.

This brand focuses on holistic principles, which means they consider all the ways in which dog food can naturally support your dog’s health and lifestyle.

The Naturediet range and products

If you want to select from a delicious selection of flavours for your dog, don’t worry, Naturediet have got it covered. Their range comes in all your dog’s favourite flavours including chicken and turkey, lamb and vegetables and chicken and lamb. So whatever combo fido loves, he can have his first choice. Or you could always get a twin pack, so they don’t have to choose between flavours!

Naturediet also offers specialised food for both older dogs and cute little puppies who need the very best nutrition. There’s also light dog food for those pooches who could do with losing a few pounds.

Buy Naturediet online today

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