The health and happiness of your dog is paramount. The right diet is fundamental to canine health and there is no substitute for the best ingredients and balanced nutrition. Lovejoys® offer an outstanding range of wet and dry dog foods which are all free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Each food features only what your dog needs and nothing else. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their quality and health benefits and each food is hypoallergenic and so contains no known allergens such as wheat, pork, gluten and soya.

Lovejoys® Original

The exciting Lovejoys® range includes the excellent Original collection of wet foods and kibble. Offering a complete diet for your dog, these fine foods are made using fresh British meat and fish. There are choices for puppies, adults and senior canines and a variety of delicious flavours for them to enjoy.

Lovejoys® Hearty and Wholesome

This tasty collection offers your dog a delicious and varied menu of healthy recipes. This wet food is packed with honest, wholesome ingredients and frankly looks good enough to eat yourself. But don’t do that because your pooch will be very disappointed!

Lovejoys® Pure and Simple

Pure and simple is a grain free collection of dry foods for adult dogs. Featuring meat, vegetables, herbs and natural additives for joint health and to boost the immune system, Pure and Simple is highly palatable and nutritious.

Lovejoys® Moments

Every dog deserves a few treats but it helps if they are heathy ones! Moments treats are highly nutritious options with added vitamins and minerals that your dog will adore but which won’t negatively impact their diet. At Time for Paws we are pleased to bring you all of the fabulous Lovejoys® dog foods and we are sure that your pooch will approve of them. This is a range of the highest quality and yet each variety is fairly priced to give you exceptional value for money. Your dog won’t care about the price when they are tucking in but we know that you do!