James Wellbeloved is a popular and well-known British pet food company which was founded in 1992. This well-established brand recognises the problems that food intolerances and allergies can cause dogs. Their aim was to create dog food that doesn’t have common ingredients that are known to cause flare ups. A lot of dogs tend to get on well with dog food that doesn’t contain potentially problematic ingredients.

James Wellbeloved dog food

If you look at the ingredients list, you won’t find beef, pork, gluten, egg, wheat or dairy. These are foods that can sometimes cause dogs with sensitive tums to have digestion issues. Premium, wholesome, high quality ingredients are used to provide dogs with the very best nutrition.

James Wellbeloved dog food also doesn’t contain any nasty artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Additional ingredients such as omega fatty acids, chicory, seaweed, linseed and alfalfa are added to maintain healthy skin, coat, digestion and general wellbeing.

Natural vitamin E and C is also added instead of synthetic antioxidants which some other brands use. It’s full of goodness and everything your pooch needs to stay fit, strong and healthy.

James Wellbeloved dog food flavours & varieties

Choose from four yummy flavours that your dog will adore including lamb, fish, duck and turkey, which are all easy to digest proteins. James Wellbeloved are one of the UK’s top selling dog food brands thanks to the thought and care that goes into making the food, and these tasty flavours that are a big hit with dogs.

James Wellbeloved sell special hypoallergenic dog food for extra sensitive dogs which doesn’t contain soya, wheat or gluten, which have been known to cause issues for some dogs. All flavours contain the perfect balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals, so you can feel secure knowing your dog has everything they need to remain in tip top condition.

James Wellbeloved offer a range of different foods for dogs including puppy food, junior food, adult food, senior food, wet dog food, crackerjack hypoallergenic treats and light dog food.

If you wish to switch to this brand, they recommend that you introduce it for a period of 1-2 months whilst the signs of food intolerance disappear and your dog gradually gets used to a change in their diet.

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