James Wellbeloved Ferret Complete Food: 10kg

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James Wellbeloved Complete Ferret Food 10kg

High in meat protein, high in fat. Perfect for a ferrets digestion. Healthier than feeding raw chicks or cat food. Less faeces, less smell. Smaller, firmer stools. Stays fresh for days in the bowl, unlike raw meat or chicks. Irresistibly tasty to a ferret. Made in their favourite star shape. Ferret Complete is not only healthy and nutritious, it is also very tasty. Coated in delicious turkey gravy and made in their favourite star shape, it is irresistible to ferrets. The food is recommended by a wide variety of clubs, societies and rescue centres. Notably, National Ferret Welfare Society, International Ferret Welfare of Great Britain and the National Ferret School. Ferret Complete feeding guidelinesFrom 3 weeks:Offer small amounts of food soaked until soft with warm water or broth, gradually decreasing the amount of liquid used. Replace any uneaten damp food with fresh after a few

Feeding Guidline

From 4 weeks, offer only dry food.Up to 16 weeks:

Free feed, allowing animals to clean out the bowls every 2 or 3 days to maintain food freshness. At this age, daily food consumption will be approx 7% of body weight (e.g. approx. 35g of food for 500g ferret).

Adult ferrets:

Free feed, but restrict diet to approx 5% of body weight if animals get too heavy (e.g. approx 75g of food for 1500g ferret).Lactation or final 2 weeks of gestation:Free feed without restriction.Please note:

The above guide can only be approximate as requirements vary from ferret to ferret Store in cool dry place; keep closed between uses.

Supply plenty of clean, fresh drinking water at all times.

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