Hills Prescription Feline C/D Urinary Stress Reduced Calorie: 48 x 85g (wet food)

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Feeding Prescription Diet™ c/d™ Multicare Feline Reduced Calorie makes it easier to effectively maintain a healthy urinary track in overweight and obese prone cats and reduce the risk that stones will re-occur after dissolution.Key benefitsWeight management through reduced calorie, high L-carnitine nutritionHighest levels of omega-3 fatty acids help to break the cycle of inflammation and reduce discomfort in cats with FICActs fast, dissolves sterile struvite stones in as little as 14 days11Great taste to get your cat eatingSuitable for long term feeding – no need to change food.Mixed Feeding GuideThese ranges are a starting point only, because cats’ needs vary1,2. Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.As Fed Dry Matterkcal/100g 329 349kJ/100g 1378 1458Urine acidifying substance: DL-methionin 1.5 g/kg Target urinary pH 6.2 - 6.4Ingredientswith Chicken (chicken 30%, total poultry 45%) : Poultry meat meal, maize gluten meal, rice, cellulose, maize, dried beet pulp, digest, animal fat, flaxseed, fish oil, L-lysine hydrochloride, potassium chloride, vegetable oil, potassium citrate, L-carnitine, salt, taurine, crustacean hydrolysate, pork cartilage hydrolysate, vitamins and trace elements, preservatives and antioxidants.
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