Hill's dog food & cat food

Hills is a long standing pet food brand that is trusted by vets all over the country. The business has been successful for over 80 years, and in that time have done a lot of research to create the perfect, vet recommended food for your dog. You have probably noticed Hill’s dog and cat food bags in your local vets, and at many vets around the country.

Hill’s understands the strong bond you have with your pet, and why it’s crucial to provide fido with the best possible nutrition. When you buy Hill’s for your best friend, you can rest assured that you are providing them with superior, research backed nutrition.

Hills focus heavily on innovation, to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used in their products. Maybe this is why some vets even choose to feed their own pets a premium Hill’s diet, and Hill’s is such a well-established, respected and trusted pet food brand.

The Hill’s story

Hills was started by Dr. Mark Morris, a well-respected and talented vet. His belief was that we should take the healthy and nutrition of our pets as seriously as our own, and this concept is certainly reflected in the quality of Hill’s products.

He made the connection between poor nutrition and illness in pets, and wanted to try and make a difference. He carefully developed a pet food that he considered to be superior to all other brands.

There’s a lovely story behind the Hill’s brand. When Dr Morris met a blind man called Morris Frank, and his guide dog Buddy, he could see they needed his help. Buddy had kidney disease, which lead Dr Morris to think about how many of the commercial pet foods at the time had high levels of phosphorus and protein to make them tastier, but large amounts of these ingredients could be harmful to the kidneys.

So he developed pet food that was high in flavour and nutritional value, but low in salt. Buddy, considered the first Hill’s customer, enjoyed many more happy years with his owner, and the brand went on to be a huge success.

Hill’s product range

Hills offer an exclusive range of highly specialised products for cats and dogs. They ranges created specifically for pets of different life stages, breeds and also for pets with medical needs. Take a look at our selection of Hill’s dog and cat food now and choose the perfect product for your beloved pet.

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