Halti is an extremely popular dog harness brand. You have probably walked past several of their products in your local pet shop. For some dog owners, a Halti harness can make dog walks a lot more enjoyable.

When you have a dog that just won’t stop pulling, it can be exhausting. Your arms start to ache and you can easily get wound up whilst out and about on walks with your dog. Walking your dog on a Halti harness stops them pulling and gives you back the control. The last thing you want is to be dragged down the street by your overly boisterous dog, or worse, for them to pull you over.

Halti harnesses are a kind, gentle way of reducing pulling and making dog walks much safer. A lot of people find that their dogs can slip their collars, and attaching a lead to a harness is much more reliable.

Chest harnesses

There are different types of halti harnesses, some that go around your dog’s chest, and some that fit around their muzzle. With a Halti harness that goes around their chest, you can control your dog with little effort, as the harness enables you to steer your dog from the chest, which has been shown to be an effective point of control. These specially designed harnesses give the owner total control over the dog's shoulders and allows them to set the direction in which he can move.

Muzzle harnesses

Some owners find that harnesses that naturally follow the contours of a dog's face and sit on a dog’s nose give more control. You can have maximum steering power and control which direction your dog walks in.

The muzzle harness has a unique on-off muzzle-closing effect. If your dog lunges forward or pulls too hard, their jaws are closed by the slip ring, whereas if they are relaxed, they can pant and move their mouth freely.

The soft material and careful design and construction ensures the Halti is comfortable and wearing it can actually help to calm many dogs.

About Halti harnesses

The clever Halti harness was originally designed by Dr Roger Mugford, who wanted to try and rescue dog owners who were getting puller all over the place. The revolutionary design is similar to the design of a horse's headcollar, the body will follow if you guide the head. You will notice this as soon as you use your new Halti harness.

A kind way to stop pulling

Halti harnesses are a kind, effective way to stop pulling. They are 100% comfortable for your dog and don’t cause them any discomfort during training, even if you have to tug hard on the lead to keep your dog from pulling. Walks will become less exhausting for both you and your pooch, and you will feel much more confident when out and about with your dog thanks to their Halti harness.

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