The greatest inventions change the way that we live! It is often simple solutions to long standing problems which really make all the difference. Manfred Bogdhan, founder of Flexi, came up with one such brilliant idea when he evolved the retractable lead. Flexi leads really have improved life for both dogs and their owners which is why they have garnered so many notable awards.

Whychoose Flexi dog leads?

We proudly feature Flexi leads here at Time for Paws. They are the perfect example of a simple concept which really works and helps people every day. They are beautifully designed and will provide years of excellent service so both you and your dog can get the most out of your time in the great outdoors.

It is hard to imagine life without retractable leads so thank goodness we don’t have to! Flexi continue to innovate and to produce fabulous and affordable products for pet owners that make life easier and safer when they are out and about.